Did you know that the Russian word vodka actually means ‘dear little water’? Neither did I, but the excellent book I have from the library – Salt Sugar Smoke: How to Preserve Fruit, Vegetables, Meat and Fish: The Definitive Guide to Conserving, from Jams and Jellies to Smoking and Curing, by Diana Henry says as much. It’s a book on preserving – really good recipes. Of the 5-6 books I got out of the library on the subject – this is definitely my favourite. As a result, I’m stocking up on ingredients for the flavoured alcoholic drinks I’m going to be making – most of which require vodka.

This led to decision-making needed on what vodka to buy. Having searched numerous online reviews, I came to the conclusion that Russian Standard was the one I’d go for. As luck would have it – it’s currently on offer at both Sainsbury’s and Tesco (£16 a litre at S’burys, £25 for 2x 0.7l at Tesco). Not exactly cheap – but cheaper than it normally is, for this country. So I have 3 bottles equalling 2.4 litres. The check-out lady at Tesco actually joked that she would tell my mother!

I’ve bought the sloe gin bottles (Amazon) and am now awaiting some final spices that are required in the recipes (juniper berries and mace blades). Will blog more on this subject as I progress.

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Dear little water (aka Vodka)