Why I’m writing a food journal

I’ve kept blogs before, for various things – both at work and personally. This blog will be a ‘single issue’ one – one that is focused on all things to do with food and drink.

I am an ‘enthusiastic amateur’ with a large appetite – and in no way a professional or chef. But I do enjoy writing about and talking about food and drink, so hopefully this blog will let me do that. I will post recipes that have inspired me – the failures as well as the successes! I also quite like picking up my old Nikon D50 SLR (with 50mm/f2 prime lens – perfect for food photography) – which has been gathering dust these past few years.

I’ll also aim to write about food-related places I have visited (restaurants, cafes – mostly around London), as well as give reviews of recipes, ingredients, kitchen items, etc, that I have tried.